We All Bleed Red

Colleen Kelly Alexander American Red CrossColleen required a staggering 78+ units of blood to survive her accident.

When her heart stopped, it was not due to her lack of cardiac health, but because her body had no blood left for her heart to pump.  During the first 72 hours post trauma,  she was resuscitated multiple times and then, for weeks after, required blood products to replace her drained body.

Colleen was given pint after pint of platelets, plasma, and whole blood. She was given back her life.

She will never know the heroes that rolled up their sleeves to donate, but she does know that they all bled red. When stuck with that needle, each of their life’s blood emerged the same. Regardless of color, race, gender, ethnicity, each of them became a hero and saved her life.

Colleen knows, firsthand, that every human being has this same potential.  

It is in this spirit that her work focuses on the power of human kind to lift up, support and become heroes to one another. 


Are you ready to become a hero?    

Roll up your sleeve and help the American Red Cross here.