Happy Fall!

HeartGears9Happy Fall! I hope you are enjoying the change of season.  Look outside. Be outside. Depending on where you live, you have the ability to experience the leaves letting go and falling to the earth. The smells have changed, the ground has changed. The air has a slight chill that permeates your being. Change is happening. In a few more weeks many of us will experience trees with out leaves, and some snow gently sprinkled on the ground. Winter will be among us. Life has so many awesome lessons to teach us when we look, listen, smell, and be. Think of your self as one of those trees that is losing its leaves. You are preparing to go into a season of strength building so in the spring you can burst forth with new shoots, and new growth. Life is pretty amazing.  Look up at the trees, pick up a leaf, then recognize how awesome it is that we are so connected even through these changing seasons.  I hope to meet you at an upcoming talk! I will be in Westport, CT on November 13th a THEORY for a Red Cross event.    preview