I absolutely love to cook healthy, organic, TASTY, vegetarian food.  After posting photos of our creations on Facebook and Instagram, I have been asked to start posting them on my website. Check back occasionally for new, yummy, things that we conjured up in our kitchen.



(They are like mini super hero snacks) Simple and tasty, Sure to make even the most apprehensive kale eater open their eyes and say “YUM!”.

Ingredients: Large bag of kale, Avocado Oil (or olive), Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast (makes it cheesy), Cookie sheetTurn oven to 300, wash and dry kale. Rip up into bite size pieces (I make them BIG), lay out on cookie sheet then drizzle with oil (no more than a tbsp) sprinkle on some sea salt, and bake! I leave in around 15 minutes then mix them up and put them back in the oven for another 15-20. When they start getting crispy, pull them out toss them in a bowl and put sprinkle with nutritional yeast!  Nutritional Yeast is PACKED with B-vitamins and makes a CHEESY taste 🙂 Kale is just a wonder food.  Since I started typing this, my bowl is already empty.