IMG_4620.jpgI am the product of heroes

 “…along with grit, sheer will, determination, and the healing power of prayer.

I needed over 78 units of blood to bring my beating heart back to life. I have depended on the lifesaving services of medics, doctors, surgeons and countless others in my community to keep me alive.

Each one of them is a hero.

I hold tightly onto Nobel Peace Laureate, Jody Williams’ words, ‘Emotion without action is irrelevant’.  

We all have the incredible strength and power to change ourselves. And the world. 

We are all fighters, athletes, and advocates. We all have the ability to affect positive change. To make a difference.

All of us.

We only need find our inspiration.

And after we find it?

It is time to act.

And never stop. “

~Colleen Kelly Alexander