Spring 2017

Happy Spring Friends.  Spring is positively my favorite time of the year.  Every plant that went dormant in the winter begins to wake up.  Throughout the winter season plants save their energy to make it through the long winter.  They feed on the natural sugars that they produce and even send out sugars through their roots to other living organisms that need additional nourishment.  As Spring awakens and temperatures begin to increase, plants start to shed their limbs that were damaged through weather, by other animals or because they lost their ability to produce.  In time, limbs become less effective and strong and they start to dry up.  Once a limb is no longer being fruitful for a tree, the limb either breaks off through natural causes or a human comes along and prunes it.  Much like humans, trees need all their energy to continue to grow and produce new limbs and shoots as well as provide fruits of nourishment to the forest floor beneath them.  As a human species, the likeness we share with flora and fauna is dynamic.  All of us require a healthy environment free from excessive toxins (negativity), destructive weather (anger and negative emotion) and other beings who may pray on us when we become weak and vulnerable (think of how other people can negatively affect you when you are working to maintain your own strength and positivity).  Much like trees, we need to care for ourselves and keep our own beings strong so we can provide support to others.  Think of that beautiful tree that houses a multitude of insects, birds, small animals, and other living organisms that attach to the tree, be it a mushroom, or moss, etc.  If the tree roots have become starved from lack of water or drowned out from flooding, the tree will become sick and defenseless thus no longer being able to provide a healthy refuge for other life.


When we allow ourselves to “prune” our diseased and unhealthy “limbs”, we give our beings permission to focus our energy on creating NEW limbs which will allow us to become stronger.  If a plant never sheds its damaged branches it will continue trying to push energy into areas that no longer can bear fruit.  The longer the plant tries to push energy into weakened areas, the more the plant will eventually begin to wither away and die.  WE NEED TO FOCUS OUR ENERGIES ON THINGS THAT EDIFY US AND BUILD US UP.  On occasion, people may find themselves in the wrong job, an unhappy relationship or following through with a major decision because changing gears mid-way through, and doing what they know is RIGHT and not what is “expected” is the less messy option.  Imagine if the forests trees, plants and animals chose to stick with their diseased limbs and weak roots. Our forests would struggle and slowly die.  Thankfully nature knows how to naturally care for itself.  As humans, we try so hard to fix many things that might simply need to be pruned off! Remember, growth can only happen if YOU LET it happen.  Creating new buds is a lot of hard work.  As spring blooms around us, remember to take this time to let yourself “let go” of what is not nurturing your roots.  Cultivating what is good and healthy is not always easy. Let Spring be a time for ourselves as a human forest to bloom, as we sprawl our roots supporting one another, and lifting each other up to the sunshine.