Let us focus on the positiveness of the human spirit. I would love to feature a new story each week on this website and on my public Facebook page of how the “Human Collective Family” has in some way helped you through a certain moment or situation in your life. Let me know about a time when people gathered in love to help YOU in some way. It can be as small as saying hello to you when you were having a rotten day. Let us break down the barriers of the human family and help REUNITE us through social media and not tear us down. You can also share a story about how you helped someone and the impact it made on both of your lives.

Send your stories to If you are comfortable having your name published let me know, pictures are also wonderful. Lets fill social media with love and remind one another that even with our differences, we are a human family. I look forward to your stories in my inbox! They can be a few sentences to a few pages.