Winter is upon us!

I am so thankful that winter season is here. Winter tends to be the time we hunker down a little more, become a little more complacent, and “comfortable”. This is not the time to be complacent, this winter is a season to let the negativity die off and begin cultivation for spring.

We had such a great and very busy fall, however I think I can speak for many of us in the fact that the election was overwhelming. I for one am not happy with the outcome, yet I am happy to be part of this American Family. When people ask who I voted for, my heart sinks. Typically I am proud to vote as a female American, and quite eager to do so. This year felt different, the hatred and slander that permeated our final presidential nominees election process was toxic. I kept reminding myself that #weallbleedred and this is politically driven and power driven and not truly a testament to the human spirit and human character. I wanted to remain optimistic, I tried to see the positive through each negative and slanderous moment that was casted from human to human. We had a woman run for president, and she fought a good fight. As one who focuses my life journey and purpose on actionable gratitude, love, and connecting the human family, I have felt parts of my soul rotting.

There will never be an apology that is acceptable if actions do not accompany spoken or written/typed words. We must remember that not only are the children of our human family listening and watching, but the child within us that still exists is listening and watching. As a human species, we are naturally pack oriented. Our “pack” might be our immediate family members, or our close friends, community, or just the need to be a part of a social group. We as a human family long for connection. We are driven naturally to leaders that tend to connect with our own initiatives and desires. I have been driven throughout my life by a Peaceful and loving God, my grandfather who exuded integrity, many of the Nobel Peace Laureates that I have had the honor of knowing, I am also mindful that I grew up surrounded by love. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. My family was far from perfect, we had our family drama and as a child I certainly had my fair share of struggles that defined much of my childhood, however I also had resiliency factors with many positive strong leaders that helped steer me towards love. I never questioned if we would have food on the table, or if I would have a clean bed, clean water, someone to hug me, tend to my needs if I fell and needed care.

When trying to connect and understand hatred, violence, and blatant disrespect from others, I always try to anchor back to “what was their upbringing like? what happened or triggered in their lives to make them act/react in the way that they did?”. I certainly know much of my own stubbornness, stems from how I was raised and influenced. I also acknowledge accountability. When I watched our presidential debates the inner “little” Colleen was terrified. How could this big bully parade around on stage with such anger and disrespect and how could this woman so robotically speak to her fellow humans with such a lack of personal connection? All political mess aside, I want to ask you to remember what I try to remember in prayer every day.

We all have a story which defines how we act and react.
We all inherently want to be accepted and a part of something
We all have at one point or another experienced love, happiness, fear, sadness, hurt, or betrayal.
We all WANT to succeed in the things that inspire us, and impassion us.
We all desire to feel safe.
We all have personal convictions that influence our choices.
Not everyone grew up with multiple resiliency factors
Not everyone has felt trust.
Not everyone knows where their next meal will come from, or if they will have a safe place to sleep and clean water to drink
EVERYONE WANTS to love themselves, love others, and accept love however it can be scary to be vulnerable and vulnerability takes courage.

Remember that although our views may differ we are still a human family, rise above the divide of hatred and intolerance. LISTEN to someone with opposing views. If you do not agree, you do not have to fight your words for them to understand your perspective. God is BIGGER than hate. The results of this election have been far wider reaching in my soul than who was elected, the results have shown that we as a human family have a significant divide happening. Please remember we are “ALL CREATED EQUAL”. Love your brother and sister.
Hatred will ALWAYS breed more hatred, LOVE will always win. Be your authentic self, be a change maker this winter. Remember change starts in your soul. Ubuntu.