Merry Christmas Week!

_MG_9143 It is Christmas week. How are you feeling? Time for a mental self reflection moment. This is a busy week even if you do not celebrate Christmas. The roads are filled with traffic of last minute shoppers, people going home, airport lines are full, grocery lines are full, mall shopping lots are full. How is your heart? How is your mind? If your mind feels as full as the sometimes craziness of this season, take time to close your eyes and listen to the music of your heart beat. Is your heart full? Gauge what is filling your heart. Is it full of love, excitement, joy, compassion? Is it full of sadness and fear? Is it full of both? You are here. We all give gifts to one another this holiday season both tangible and intangible, and remember when we give we can also become slightly drained. Nourish YOURSELF. Give yourself the gift of intangible and maybe a tangible item. Give yourself the gift of self love. Remember when we become too “full” and busy with those metaphorical lines and physical lines we can exhaust ourselves to have joy. Put your hand on your heart, feel that? Your heart beat is beating music from the creation of time. The blood that is beating through your heart is part of the same blood that beat through the son of God. You are such a gift. Your very presence on this earth is a gift. Merry Christmas week my friends. Thank you all for the music of your own heart beats as we move forward on this journey. #namaste The light in me (and the heart beat) is the light in you.