It is here! Spring! It certainly has been a long winter. The snow in the north east has been consistent and BEAUTIFUL! Always reminded with every snowfall how powerful the silence of snow fall can be. We can learn so much when we listen to the silence and watch the earth become blanketed in white. Things become clean and covered with heavy snow, it is truly powerful.  With the ground finally thawing and life starting to wake back up I am excited to share that my surgery countdown has begun (until Im “finished”). Since my December post, I had expanders removed and massive scar removal on my left side. January 2nd, brought another major5721 surgery which lasted about 7 hours. I am still not able to run, however I am continuing to embrace this journey and much like spring my body is changing and growing with each new day. I do not have any races scheduled this season as my body is too altered medically to allow racing at this point (not that I RACED, rather PARTICIPATED since the trauma).  In late January I was honored with receiving a Heroes award at the Society of Critical Care conference in Phoenix, AZ along with my trauma surgeons.

I hope by late summer that I will be able to start running again.  We have been working on writings dealing with “Finding strength in Vulnerability”, and as I go through these vulnerable phases and find strength, I am honored to share them with you. I will be speaking again this spring and look forward to sharing with you.  Please contact info@colleenkellyalexander if you would like me to come to your event.  Happy Spring! Roll those shoulders back, breathe in that NEW SPRING air, and let your body and cells be fueled with LIFE!

Utmost gratitude and perseverance, Colleen 

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