"There's a hero in each of us."

Colleen Kelly Alexander has come back from death twice, against all odds. Her determination and philosophy serve as a wake up call - and call to action - to anyone facing obstacles or hardship. A profoundly moving speaker, Colleen will inspire your audience to be stronger. Do better. Reach higher.




A lifelong athlete, Colleen's body and world were shattered when she was run over by a freight truck. Learn more about her remarkable recovery, mission to create positive change and unbreakable spirit.
Colleen brings her infectious spirit and empowering philosophy to audiences, large and small. Interested in having her speak to your group? Check out this list of her most popular speaking topics.
Continuing to thrive - bike, run and swim! - Colleen's indomitable spirit has been featured on Fox News, The Dr. Oz Show, NBC News and more. Have a look at her full list of media appearances for clips, videos and more.

Colleen is a personal inspiration of mine. A fantastic athlete, she was run over by a freight truck while riding her bike. Colleen died. Twice. And then she lived. Her guts, grit and determination alone are enough to embolden anyone who hears her speak. But it is Colleen's great humanity and humility in the face of her challenges that should inspire us all.

Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Laureate